31 days of stitching {feathered chain stitch}

Today is another linked stitch and boy is it cool when you get the hang of it. I found one awesome example by carina by polka and bloom (who is amazing by the way!) of one of the ways you can use this stitch…as a border!

fat quarter(Annet) on flickr had this awesome example of using the feather stitch also.

So here goes. I will tell you this is a tricky stitch and if my directions don’t make sense, check out the video or the other photo directions I have linked. This stitch reminds me in some ways of some sea plants, but many of the examples on flickr had used this stitch as a border.

Here is a link to some photo directions and here’s a video I found on youtube by needlenthread.

Here are my photo directions for the FEATHERED CHAIN STITCH

feathered chain stitch 1
First you are going to make your first chain stitch.

feathered chain stitch 2
Next, insert your needle diagonally to the last stitch and bring it through.

feathered chain stitch 3


feathered chain stitch 4

Bring your needle down from the last stitch you made and connect it to the last straight stitch you made.


feathered chain stitch 5


feathered chain stitch finished

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