31 days of embroidery {coral stitch}

Yes, I know it’s Saturday and should be day 13 and not day 12, but just humor me. We had a yard sale this morning and that has pretty much consumed the last 24 hours! Whew. It’s done and we are a little less cluttered around here.
I digress.

Today, day 12, is the CORAL STITCH.
I tried and tried to do this stitch and honestly couldn’t figure it out.


Here is a lovely example of what this stitch should look like by Sarah on the Hand Embroidery Network.
Coral Stitch Filling Finished



Here is my attempt (basically a blanket stitch)
my attempt at a coral stitch

I won’t give it up, but I just couldn’t get it this time around.


Here are photo directions from my embroidery book:
coral stitch


And here is a link to more specific directions.

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