fmf {race}

Five Minute Friday

Fridays are writing days, but here lately I’ve been pretty silent in this spot.
One of those times when the words are better off in my head than on a screen.
But today I join with others writing with abandon for five minutes
on one word hosted by the gypsy mama.
Today’s word is {RACE}
Join in!


Race is a tricky word for me.
While running a race requires training, endurance and perseverance there is the idea of a winner.
There can only be one winner in a race and as much as you can tell me that the winner is yourself for even running the race…that’s so not true. I ran track in high school and never came close to winning a race and most of the time while I did feel great for actually finishing (I ran the mile…ugg), the truth is I never got to feel that feeling of champion.

But in the race of life, if we believe and hope in Jesus, we’ve already won.
We are running and persevering because the prize is before each of us.
I don’t need to look at my neighbor or friend and be jealous because it seems their life is more accomplished than mine.
I don’t need to look at this other believer and feel like their life is all together because they pray better than me.

I need to look at my friend
my neighbor
the stranger down the street
and scream for them.
I need to yell for them to keep going. To press on. To strain forward.
To go after the prize that is set before them,
because it’s theirs.
And it’s mine.
And it’s yours.


4 thoughts on “fmf {race}

  1. Amen my friend!! Love that both of our posts talked about running the race with Jesus– with that we can all win 🙂 Thankful I stopped by from FMF!

    PS: I was NOT a runner in HS either– I rejoiced if I finished also… Even more so if I wasn’t dead last. Which was very rare. Glad our faith isn’t based on how well we did in HS Phys Ed. Ha. Be blessed!

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