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31 days of embroidery {chain stitch}

October 7, 2012

I love, love the chain stitch. If you know how to do a lazy daisy, it’s kind of like just linking a bunch of those. It’s a great stitch for making “braids” in hair, like I did in this recent stitch along:

august stitch along sister #1

And honestly, It’s just a fun stitch to do.

Here’s an example of the chain stitch gone wild from the hand embroidery network! This is so awesome!

Want to learn how to do it yourself? Here’s the how-to!



chain 1

First bring your needle up and then from the top make a stitch just underneath and then poke your needle through to the left.


chain 2

Take your thread and wrap it under your needle (I always go from the top around…just make sure whichever way you start, you keep going that way!) then pull your thread tight. One hint is to hold the thread taunt with your left thumb (if you are right handed) and that will keep your loop from flipping up.


chain 3

Insert your needle inside the loop you just made and again, poke it through the fabric going to the left. Wrap the thread under your needle again and pull it tight.


chain 4

Here is an example of pulling the thread tight and making the loop.


chain complete + finishing stitch

And here is the finished chain. To finish off your chain, take your needle and poke it through “locking” that last loop.

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