31 days of embroidery {whipped & threaded back stitch}

This is a new stitch for me. I’ve wanted to experiment with some of these threaded stitches every since I worked on couching a while back but I’ve never had a reason to do it (or I’ve just plain forgotten).

This is an amazing example from hand embroidery network of what you can do with the threaded/whipped backstitch. It looks like ricrac and would make the most fabulous flowers.

Here is a lovely post with photos on how to do the whipped back stitch

and here are photos on how to do the threaded back stitch.

And here are my how-to videos: (sorry they are a little shaky today!)

the whipped backstitch

the threaded backstitch

2 thoughts on “31 days of embroidery {whipped & threaded back stitch}

  1. Beautiful. I love the mock rick rack! 🙂 I’m definately going to have to try this. Maybe today I can get some things out and try all the stitches so far. Thanks!

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