31 days of embroidery {back stitch}

Remember yesterday my little caveat? Everyone does some stitches exactly the same and others have their own style. The back stitch is definitly one of those. I’ve seen a handful of different ways to do it, and really it’s just who taught you, where you read it or just how you figured it out.

The back stitch is my go-to stitch. I pretty much use this as the base for all my embroidery work. It’s a simple stitch to master. The hardest thing is getting your lengths to be the same!

love you embroidery

This entire embroidery is stitched with a back stitch. The difference is in the types of thread that I used. The black is a thicker cotton pearl and the white “love you” is an ecru 3 strand floss.


Here is a link to directions with photos.

Here’s my video:

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