31 days 2012 {a month of stitches}


Welcome to thirty-one days of embroidery! I’m linking up with the nester and who knows how many others. We are all crazy enough to take the challenge to post once a day for the next month on a whole variety of topics.
Last year I was WAY too ambitious and posted all sorts of crazy projects and honestly about lost my mind by the end of it. This year, I’m sticking with something I know and need to improve upon. I’ve always wanted to do a hoop of random stitches and this is my month!

My goal is to post a new stitch every day with a video or photo of how to do the stitch yourself. I’ll also try to post photos of finished projects that have that stitch as an example. So, ever wanted to learn how to embroider? Grab a hoop, some floss, a needle and let’s get started…tomorrow!

If you aren’t a subscriber to daisyeyes, go ahead and subscribe today so you won’t miss a stitch. This post will serve as your link to all the stitches by the end of October 2012.

Day 1: intro
Day 2: stem stitch
Day 3:  back stitch
Day 4: whipped and threaded back stitch
Day 5: split stitch
Day 6: chevron stitch
Day 7: chain stitch
Day 8: heavy chain stitch
Day 9: zigzag chain stitch
Day 10: twisted chain stitch
Day 11: REVIEW of stitches 1-10
Day 12: coral stitch
Day 13: scroll stitch
Day 14: feathered chain stitch
Day 15: ermine stitch
Day 16: french knot
Day 17: rope stitch
Day 18: two-color chain stitch
Day 19: blanket stitch
Day 20: REVIEW of stitches 12-19
Day 21: buttonhole stitch
Day 22: buttonhole wheels
Day 23: seed stitch
Day 24: sheaf stitch
Day 25: satin stitch
Day 26: brick stitch
Day 27: lazy daisy
Day 28: couching
Day 29: couching circles
Day 30: bullion knot
Day 31: REVIEW of all stitches


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