fmf {grasp}

Five Minute Friday

Five minutes
Words without edits.
Thoughts without worries.
One word.


Today is budget day. It is a day where at the beginning things look so great. A paycheck filled with overtime, but then as I fill in all the blanks and realize all the blanks that aren’t going to be filled I realize that I’m grasping.
This is my story the Lord is writing in my life.
I can try and grasp all I want.
I can try and plan all I want.
He can give me loaves and fishes overflowing.
Or He can give me exactly what I need at that moment.
And I will still try to grasp at it all.

I pray over and over again for some relief from this financial stress.
The Lord continually answers in His way.
And I don’t like it.
It takes me to a place where the only thing I can grasp is Him.
And that is what He is continually writing on my heart.
You cannot hold on to any security that this life might even begin to offer….
I can only grasp onto Him.
And I am learning daily to hang on for dear life.


3 thoughts on “fmf {grasp}

  1. I was thinking today how I end up hoarding things without realizing it…spending money on stuff that doesn’t matter and doesn’t last for eternity. He’s promised to provide our needs, but our culture teaches us that we ‘need’ so much more than that. Thanks for your honesty.

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