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A while back I watched this video (the most organized home in America) and it prompted a great purge and organizing buzz in my house. While I was in my early days of recovery this August, I went around my house taking photos and writing up descriptions of some things I would love to do to the house that I could ACTUALLY accomplish without much help from the sweet husband (who is eating his own elephant of restoring, painting and re-trimming the windows on the exterior of our house). That said, I have zero budget for most of the projects so it’s going to be pretty slow going.

Nevertheless, today I tackled the upstairs linen closet.

Here is the before photo:

This closet primarily houses medicine stuff, bandaids, the kid’s sheets, extra towels, blankets etc. It’s a mess and has been a closet of chaos for a while. I really liked the idea from the video of using separate plastic bins for organizing all her medicine closet stuff versus these drawers that we had been using. (although I have to say…we have like 1/4 of the medicine stuff she has!)

Here is a glimpse at the mess that our medicines had become:


We had expired stuff in there from 2005, more floss than I can even begin to imagine or use, a cowbell (who knows?) among other crazy things. I sorted it all out and organized them into these snap containers that I found at Walmart. As much as I dislike Walmart, I have to say they have the best prices on plastic storage stuff. I think this whole lot cost me less than $15. (I do need to go back and get 2 more to replace the things in the green basket, so that might bring the total up to less than $20.)

After sorting through the kid’s sheets, cleaning out a bunch of mis-matched towels and moving the humidifier to another spot (under our bathroom sink)…

here is the after:


Here is a close up of the medicine stuff organized:


I ended up having to write/draw the labels myself because our color printer is on the fritz, but I’m sure you could google some great images and make some cute labels really super fast.

Overall, it’s funny how taking less than $20 and one hour can make a person take a huge sigh of relief when opening a door! I’m very pleased with how it turned out.

Next up…I’m hoping to take a little bit of wood trim, paint, scrapbook paper and mod podge to transform this medicine cabinet.


Here are a couple of my pins for inspiration:

Source: via aimee on Pinterest

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