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I have to be honest, I’m not really back. It’s been a hard week and I’ve pushed too hard and have paid for it dearly the last 48 hours. One of those…and why didn’t I listen to my body sort of things? That said, I’m on a mission to enter back into my life as much as I possibly can and blogging is still sitting isn’t it? So here is my first take at Fantastic Fridays in a month or so…it does feel good to be back!

great FABRIC: True Up has been posting some pretty awesome stuff lately in the fabric world and this line from Celina Mancurti caught my eye the other day. I love the naturalness of the fabric colors and just the softness of it all.

to whet your APPETITE: Thanks to gobs of friends, I’ve not done a lot of cooking in the last few weeks, but I have been pinning a bunch of new stuff. I’ve been trying to build of a stash of good recipies for my husband to have for his lunches (and subsequently mine too). This Oriental Chicken Salad looks so good and I love the idea of all these jar salads that keep popping up online.

be NEAT (as in organized): I’m dreaming and doing some light research on reorganizing my pantry cabinets so I can trash the doors (which are basically trash in and of themselves) and have pinned a couple of great pantry storage ideas…such as taking all your cereal out of the boxes and I’m saving my pennies to buy a bunch of these wooden crates from some art stores to stain and stencil just like these.

a TUTORIAL to do: love this tutorial for a 10 minute pillowcase...think of all the great fabrics that you could use that would make such an awesome birthday gift for someone (stuffed with some good books perhaps?)

becoming more AWARE: My bestest offered this book on prayer to me as a good read while I’ve been recovering and while I’m only 1/4 of the way through it I can say it’s a life changing book.

something to SEW: I came across this pattern company in the last month and I love all their packaging and love the simplicity, yet uniqueness, of all their patterns.

to TRIM my house with: October is going to be upon us before we know it and Fall is my most favorite time to decorate (despite the fact that I have like zero decorations). I’m not one for going out at all for Halloween decorations, but I have these huge windows in our family room that are begging for something fun like this.

ILLUSTRATION to stitch:  FYI: This is a bad pin so just look at the picture (don’t follow it) but I love the idea of designing a typography for an old family recipe and then embroidering it...might just be what my momma is getting for Christmas this year 🙂

CUTE: if you have girls and your girls love dolls, this is a super cute (and easy) way to make a little play desk set for them at a fraction of the cost if you bought from that store with the big red bags.

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