on repeat

The book of Deuteronomy is basically a recap of the years that the Isarealites wandered in the desert heading towards the Promised Land.

In reading just the first 3 chapters of the book this morning, you read
the Lord goes before you
the Lord will fight for you
the Lord prepared a place for you
the Lord appeared in fire by night and clouds by day to lead so as not to get lost

and yet over and again the Israelites
and often moved ahead on their own (sending spies etc).
And more often than not, even though they were getting closer and closer to the amazing thing the Lord had promised them, they kept wanting to go back.

This is life on repeat.
The Lord reminds us minute by minute of His promises to us.
He reminds us of all the times He has and is leading us.
He carries us, He opens wide the doors for us
and yet over and again we have to be reminded that

We cry out for rainbows and burning bushes and long for Him to make Himself known to us,
yet all along He is in the cloud and the fire right in front of our faces.
It is us that keep our eyes focused on so many other things instead of Him.

Paul Miller in his book on prayer, reminds me that unless I meet God daily,
unless I come before Him and Him alone…no multitasking, no worries about time, no worries about even words,
I’m no different than a wanderer in the desert.
I’m not going to see that burning bush, rainbow or cloud if I’m not at His feet.
Unless my eyes are trained on Him, it’s only me that I’m going to see.

I’m also reminded that prayer is persistence. Being on repeat means asking, asking, asking with faith.
I do not persist because I lack faith, or I have fear or worry that He won’t do.
I ask on repeat like a child, holding out faith that my persistence will pay off.

I come to Jesus, on repeat, with the full confidence that He will do…
in His time and in His way.

Like the persistent widow (Luke 18), like the man who badgers his friend for bread (Luke 11) , like the Roman centurion who knows that Jesus will heal his servant (Luke 7) and like the stubborn Isrealites who kept on moving despite their grumbles…

I will move my life on repeat. Listening for His still small voice in the wilderness of my heart and knowing that there is a rainbow to come.

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