fmf {connect}

Five Minute Friday

Friday’s mean writing for 5 minutes flat.
No edits.
No worries.
Just words that spring forth from a heart.
Join me!
Today’s word is: CONNECT


I have amazing friends.
But I so take them for granted.
I forget the times where I have felt alone and really didn’t have anyone.
There are times I become so wrapped up in myself that I don’t even see the one amazing best friend, the one amazing connection the Lord has walking through my house everyday in my husband.

I have children that I have already connected with more than I think my family ever did with me.
Or rather, in a way that my family never did because of the connection we were all missing as a family.

I am amazed at how the Lord has brought so many connections into my life. Through my family, through my husband, children, friends.
And how He has brought connection between my past and the hope for my future…for my children’s future.
He truly is the vine that connects us all.
From the beginning to the end.
May I never lose hold of this amazing connection.
May I never lose hold of these gifts
of the ways He has given me to connect with His people, His creation.
May I never lose hold of Him; of Jesus the ultimate connect.


2 thoughts on “fmf {connect}

  1. How easy it is to take our family and friends for granted. How easy it is to take our Husbands for granted. I praise my God for your reminder this morning! Thank you for stiring my heart. Thank you for bringing it back to our true Lover, our true Connector. He truly is our vine. Have a blessed Friday! God bless!

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