before & after {beginnings of a family message center}

kitchen before w/microwave

I’ve complained about our kitchen before and honestly this one corner of our kitchen has driven me crazy since the first time we walked into our house. The door is the back door and the one we use 95% of the time. The microwave in that corner and the 12 inches of usable counterspace under it did much to make me nuts!

kitchen before w/microwave

We’ve been attempting to use this as a sort of message center and drop all for keys, mail, school stuff etc. But looking at the microwave all the time was making me nuts.

My resident handyman demoed the cabinet and voila…instead space! (We moved the microwave to a small counter on the other side of the kitchen.)

kitchen before: w/o microwave

This is a temporary fix as the current plan this winter and spring is to start taking down this whole wall of cabinets and remove the soffit and replace them with open shelving. This is step one in the redoing of our horrible welcome to the 80’s kitchen! Knowing we were going to start repainting in the next 6-9 months, I bought a sample size of paint that matched and painting the soffit and the corner.

kitchen before: w/o microwave

I’m still researching a few other options for this space, but as this is temporary it’s nothing I can invest lots of $$ in. I did find a  couple of inspiration photos I found this morning…

Source: via aimee on Pinterest

We also have a couple of tall cabinets that used to hold our calendar etc and I’m thinking of combining a couple of these ideas for that space

Especially once we start taking down the soffit and remove our little temporary space.



I am thrilled with out this turned out and I’m thinking of getting a piece of sheet metal for the wall to the left to hang school reminders etc on.

How do you organize your family message/drop all spots?

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