fmf {enough}

Five Minute Friday

Fridays around here I join with others
hosted by the gypsy mama
writing freely for 5 minutes on one word.
no edits.
no worries.
no overthinking.
just writing.
join us!!
today’s word is: ENOUGH


I was formed in the womb and known by Him even before I was born.
Even before I breathed my first breath of air, I was enough.

Every time I declare that I can’t do it. That I don’t have the words,
the ability,
the money,
the time,
the talents,
the courage
He touches my lips and declares that I am enough.

I am enough because He is enough.
I am enough because I don’t have the words,

People, situations and things may fight against me.
But He has promised that no.matter.what.
nothing will prevail against me.
He is with me
and will deliver me
and that is enough.

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  1. Beautiful post! I’m visiting from 5mf with Lisa-Jo. I love the repetition within this post; you hit home exactly what most women struggle with, yet sum it up with where our hearts should be; realizing that we are enough through Him, He is more than enough, and that is enough to live on. I love it! Thank you..and beautiful blog!

    -Mandy @ Zealous for Him

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