I think for all of us there is a constant theme that runs through our lives. A theme in which the Lord is constantly teaching us, molding us and prodding us. The sin that seems the greatest in our lives. For me it is an inability to move and God constantly……
brings stories, scriptures, people, sermons etc into my life to remind me not to stand still in fear and worry.

We have been reading through the Narnia series off and on for the past year or so. We took a break for a while and after watching Voyage of the Dawn Treader last week, it re-inspired us to finish the last 2 books. I’ve long heard people say that The Silver Chair is the best one and honestly we were hooked by the middle of the first chapter. It was the second chapter that got me though.

This second to the last book is about Eustace (the Pevensies’ cousin) and Jill (a school mate of his) and their voyage into the land of Narnia. In the first chapter they arrive in Narnia, only to be separated and Jill is left alone in this strange place. After a few scary interactions, Jill gets up from a crying fit only to realize how thirsty she is. She has seen a glimpse of this great lion, but almost in a dream like way. Enough to wonder if it is real or was just her imagination. She hears the sound of rushing water and gets up to start in that direction only to see herself standing in front of a huge forest of trees. Not knowing if there was one lion or many, she heads into the woods in order to quench her thirst.

Not long into the forest she sees this amazing rushing riverbed. Her thirst is great by this point and made even worse by the sight of this water. But she freezes. Sitting in front of the water is this great lion. He speaks and asks her if she is thirsty? Of course she is.
She asks him to move and let her drink and he just looks at her in frustration.
Then he asks her again if she is thirsty and says come and drink.
She asks him not to do anything to her, but he makes no promise.
She longs for another stream and he tells her there is no other.
Her choice is to move or to be overcome with her thirst.

Psalm 4:25-26 declares:
Turn to me and be gracious to me as is your way…”

We are to seek God with the grateful expectation of His graciousness towards us.
Like Aslan, God is overwhelming and should strike a holy fear within us,
He is good and He longs for our good.
He sits in front of a refreshing river that quenches a thirst within us,
and we have to move towards it. We have to position ourselves beside it
and beside this great lion that looks at us eye to eye down deep into our souls and through us.

There is no other rushing water that can satisfy us like this one. We exasperate ourselves searching for this other water that may seem safer and in the end overwhelm ourselves with our thirst.

Or we can trust God and move.

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