fmf {story}

Five Minute Friday

Friday is the day I write for 5 minutes freely.
With abandon.
Without worry, edits, thoughts of what people might think.
Just write about one word, given by the gypsy mama.
Today’s word is: STORY
Join me!


When I was a little girl all I did was read.
I read books all the time and when I was outside playing I was either recreating the stories I had read or was making up my own. I would travel through woods in our neighborhood pretending to be a lost girl, or pretending to be whatever character I could dream of. I was running from whomever I could dream up might chase a little girl like me…monsters, dragons, princes who might lock up princesses and dreaming of the good prince who would rescue me.

As I walk through the park that I live in with my children I long for that ability to create these stories to come back. I want to find that part of me that lived in this constant state of story.

But dishes, finances, laundry, disciplining sibling squabbles…they all quench that part of me that used to just dream. What is it about growing up that makes us lose our ability to dream?

I long to be at a place where I can let go. Where I can still believe in my dreams. Where I can write a story with my life that is more than keeping up with the piles of dirty clothes.

In doing that, I have to let go of fear and worry and doubt. Let go of all those things that rob me of being who I am. And telling the real story.


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  1. Hi, visiting from Lisa-Jo’s. Ahh, those seemingly endless childhood days of reading and imagining! I think perhaps that is why some of us dream of writing a book – to have an excuse to do that imagining again! But hey, if you could imagine all those characters and monsters, princes and dragons maybe you can imagine Jesus using you like Mother Teresa seeing herself as a little pencil in His hand!

  2. Yes! Choose to live your story amidst all that pulls at you, that eats away at your time. It will give you life and breath and hope. And will ‘benefit those who listen.’

  3. I soooooo identified with your description — my childhood was very similarly immersed in reading, occasionally coming up for air to sleep (after “just one more chapter”), food (just enough to stay alive), and the thrill of acting out those stories. Thank you for bringing back these warm memories, for touching my heart as a kindred spirit, and for your excellence in writing. Your gifts have added grace to me today!

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