before & almost after {our house remodel)

If you’ve followed along on this little blog you know that we (well actually my husband) are in the process of painting our 1950s house. The story goes..
giant hailstorm damages horrible aluminum siding
crazy husband gets the idea to remove said horrible aluminum siding to see if it’s true that the original wood siding remains
crazy husband starts to remove aluminum and low and behold…beautiful white dutch lap siding remains
(for the most part)

Last summer he spent ripping it all off and repairing the many spots where there wasn’t any (the amount of crazy big holes was amazing). We uncovered a little bit of history in finding the original door to the kitchen plus windows and many other crazy things.

After spending all winter hemming and hawing over colors and buying more samples than I would care to think of, we finally hired someone to help us. She ended up picking pretty much the same color we had picked as our first sample. Isn’t that the way it goes?

So here is a picture collage of where we were and where we are now.

Here’s a little description:

1. This is how the house looked when we bought it and with the original aluminum siding and shutters.

2. This is what we found under the aluminum. Not bad!

3. After all the aluminum was ripped off, we discovered the outline of the original back door, 2 kitchen windows and some holes for lights.

4. A little paint and some window trim.

5. This is a close up of the trim that my husband made. It’s pretty darn awesome. When they put up the aluminum siding, they just hacked off the original trim, so he is having to rip all of it out and basically recreate it. He’s pretty amazing I must say.


Next up, finishing the trim around the second story windows and painting the second coat. Then on to the front.

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