fmf {risk}

Five Minute Friday

It’s crazy that it’s Friday again.
But Friday means it’s time for
5 minutes on 1 word
given and hosted by Lisa-Jo at The Gypsy Mama
Join us!
No worries, no edits, just the first words off the top of your head about the word: RISK


But the ones who listens to me will live in security and will be at ease from the dread of harm ~ Proverbs 1:33
This is risk. Following a God who asks us, leads us, takes us by the hand and sometimes even carries us from places of complete security (well at least security in our mind) to the edge of cliffs. He asks us to jump.

More often than not, I stand on the edge of the cliff and look for easier ways to get down. I try to find a path that will be less scary and more in my control than just jumping and knowing that He is going to carry me and catch me. So often I can’t see the way down that he wants to take me, so I look and search for another way.

Right now I am truly standing on the edge. Other times in my life He has let me take my way down. This time He is asking me to jump. There isn’t any other way down but His way. It’s a risk, but like His Word says, jumping is security.


One thought on “fmf {risk}

  1. Trusting in God leads us into many risks – you are right. I think of all the martyrs that have given their lives, and are still doing so in places where the gospel is prohibited, and I shrink in the truth of that. Thank you for sharing on Risk, I will continue to “jump” into His secure arms!

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