summer 2012 art {degas}


Today we finally did a second in our art series and studied a little bit about Degas. We’ve read a bunch of books before about him, primarily because of his series on ballerinas that my ballerina loves.

This project was another one from the book Discovering Great Artists. We started out looking at some books we had from the library focused on The Impressionists and also one of Degas’ works. Then we got started on our activity.


The directions said to soak the fabric in milk, which made my children cringe. Therefore we opted to try it with water instead. After getting the cloth wet, you use pastels to draw on the cloth.

Degas fabric painting

degas fabric painting

My kiddos weren’t being all that creative today and opted to just copy each other 🙂
After you are done drawing, you take your cloth and iron the back of it to set the pastels into the cloth.
And voila: a pretty “impressionistic” drawing to enjoy.

Degas fabric painting

I’m not sure we are going to get to these, but if you check out the summer 2012 pinterest board you will find a couple of really neat Degas inspired art projects.

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