before & after {boys closet redo}

We live in a house built in the 50’s which means, while we do have a great amount of storage in our house, the closets in the kid’s bedrooms are teeny-tiny. One of my 2012 decorating goals was to redo their closets. When I saw this pin on Pinterest I knew that this is what I wanted to do.

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Here is my son’s closet before:


Oh. my. goodness. Horrible. Stacked up junk on the top (which was nasty dust covered when I did the demo), clothes that were stacked on shelves off to the left side (and hard to get to) and just one rod for clothes.

Here is his closet AFTER:

boys closet after

We used an expedit shelf just like the example on pinterest, the boy got to pick out a closet color (um, green.) and then we put together a shelf on the top using some leftover shelving we had and then bought a dowel rod for the bottom. All together this closet probably cost us around $90.

boys closet after

And I’m in heaven. Can’t wait to get going on closet number 2 for the girl.

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