when it all hits the fan

Where do I go when my day turns to dust in my hands?
When all my greatest plans turn into sand and are just blown away?
What do I do when I walk back into my house 8 hours later than I had wanted to
only to discover a bug infestation, dinner yet to be made and a child following me around begging for the spelling of words.

Did I stop wiping up those crazy bugs?
Did I take her face into my hands and declare her the most amazing child ever?
This child who was making a picture, a card, for the neighbors.
The one begging to know how to spell a greeting.
Loving her neighbor better than I could ever love them.

And as my son declares the wonder of God’s creation; that He would create so many different kinds of bugs.
Did I stare him in the face and declare the amazing wonders of his mind?
Did I tell him how grateful I was for his ability to see past the frustration and bother and into the gratitude for everything the Lord has made?

Missed opportunities, but yet such reminders of how different my day would have been
if I would have taken the dust of my day and reformed it.
If I would have taken the opportunity to rejoice in the grains of sand that were blown away.
Knowing that the Lord, He knew each and every one of those grains.
And knowing that tomorrow is a new day and a new chance to rejoice in
my frustrations
and sorrows
and joys.

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