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before & after {tulle table}

June 9, 2012

The inspiration:




The supplies:


4-5 yards of tulle
hot glue
a small table
lots and lots and lots of patience 🙂



The process:


Use your sewing machine to sew 2-3 basting lines of stitching. Then gather the tulle. Try not to cuss every time the thread breaks and you have to start over again. Then hot glue along the line of basting threads onto the table. Again, try not to cuss when you continue to burn the tips of your fingers and you have 18 layers of hot glue stuck to them. Then go to the store to buy more tulle to make a third layer because one layer just wasn’t enough to cover all the mistakes you made. Then add a pink ribbon over all your mistakes. 🙂




The result:


One very pink and very girly little table
and one very happy little girl who now thinks it’s the perfect place for her imaginary unicorn to sleep. She is currently making “furniture” for the said unicorn and I’m staying downstairs for fear of what she is really doing! 🙂


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