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This summer we are working our way through different artists and recreating some of their art work or art traditions they inspired. Picasso was the first artist my rooster picked. To begin with we looked at some of Picasso’s art online and the first project was making portraits inspired by Picasso. I found the idea here and honestly it stressed my children out (as it did hers).

My son is a perfectionist and at first he thought this activity was fun. When it wasn’t coming together (aka matching up perfectly) he became really frustrated. We talked about how Picasso’s art isn’t “perfect” but very mismatched. He didn’t even finish it and honestly I didn’t push him. It’s summer.

2012 summer art school: picasso portraits

My daughter is all about lovely and pretty things. Picasso’s portraits aren’t lovely and beautiful. She ended up going with it (with an agreement that she could add a penguin and some flowers to decorate it!)

picasso projectpicasso project

Next up we talked about Picasso’s blue period. This activity came from the art book, Discovering Great Artists. The idea is that you take one color and mix different shades of that color and then paint a picture using those shades. This was really hard! We had a lot of fun mixing the colors and finding different shades, but when it came to painting with them it was difficult!

Here is a glimpse at our results
our picasso projects

Picasso was ok, but honestly he is totally not my favorite.

Next up Degas…he makes the ballerina in my little chick very happy!

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  1. anxious to hear how you like this book. looking for ideas for art next year with the kids…

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