before & after {calico critters house table}

Meet the Ikea table:
Ikea table before

Meet the Calico Critter’s house (which as been kind of lonely lately) and tiny Target table:
table + CC house before

I have held onto this Ikea table for years and it’s probably been in almost every room in our house for various purposes. Recently it became “available” again and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. It was the perfect size to put the chick’s Calico Critters house on and there was no way I could just leave it messy and white.

Enter mod podge and a little scrapbook paper:
materials + process

I traced around the outside of the house to give me an idea of where to put the grass versus the “carpet”. I cut the paper as best I could and using some mod podge glued it down. It’s been a while since I’ve used the podge and there are a few minor things I forgot…like air bubbles. The first sheet went down with a few hiccups (aka bubbles), but it was pretty smooth sailing after that. Most of the paper seams are under the house, so you won’t see the mess ups there.

Ikea/CC table after

After a coat of mod podge on top. Here is the final result.

Ikea table/CC house after

I think it turned out great and so does the chick!

Ikea table/CC house after

Nothing like a $5 fix-up that makes a neglected little house feel loved again! And every little house needs some grass for the horses!

And just wait till you see what I do with the tiny Target table!

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