fmf {see}

It’s Friday.
On Friday I take 5 minutes to write freely.
No worries with punctuation, capitalization or even spelling.
No worries if my words will make sense, because they make sense to me.
Join me as I ramble on in freedom on one word.

Today’s word is: SEE


Oh, to be seen. If there is something I’ve longed for all my life it is to be seen.
And I see it now in my children.
Those times when I am caught up in something else and aren’t really paying attention.
I don’t see them and they call me on it.
“look at me momma, you aren’t looking at me!”

Being online in so many places, that is what my heart screams too.
“look at me, see all the great things I can do and say! Like me and see me”
But honestly, I don’t want people to really see me.

It’s easier to stay distracted than to really pay attention.
If I have to engage and really see, I have to be real and vunerable.
As I walk daily, my reality, my goal, should be for the Lord to help me to see my sin.
And that sin reveals cracks. It’s not pretty. It’s not easy.
But the River of life fills those cracks.

My sin is ignoring my children when they are begging for my attention.
My sin is not giving into to my husband’s arms when he is longing for closeness.
My sin is not being real with the cracks that the Lord is revealing.

I want to be seen.
Knowing that each cracks chips away more of me and makes room for others to see more of Him flowing through me.

3 thoughts on “fmf {see}

  1. Sometimes I think we need to open ourselves up to be seen – to trust that others will not spurn us, or hurt us, when they see who we really are.

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