trying to control the blessing

I’m finding the thought of blessings on my brain often lately. What is a blessing and what does it mean to be blessed by God and to bless Him?

This morning found me in the familiar story of Rebekah, Isaac, Jacob and Esau. The word “blessing” is repeated a dozen or so times and this chapter in Genesis is all about Rebekah conniving to steal Isaac’s blessing onto his oldest son.

After reading a few commentaries by Matthew Henry and Charles Wesley, what struck me was how small Rebekah’s faith was. The blessing had been promised to Jacob and she knew it. But instead of trusting God to fulfill what He had promised, she took matters into her own hand in order to secure that blessing. In her worry and fear, she came up with a way to trick her husband and take control.

So often I do this in my life. Daily I “steal” the blessing that was rightfully mine anyway, in order to be in control. I take the blessings the Lord has promised to me. I wonder how different my days would be if I walked through them without looking for ways to take, but only ways to give and receive?

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