fmf {opportunity}

It’s Friday.
This space has been pretty silent for a while, the words have been floating more through my head and less out into this little corner.
Today I have the opportunity to speak with others, for five minutes,
without editing,
without worries
on one word given by the gypsy mama.

Today’s word is: opportunity


I believe the Lord weaves a theme of words, stories, people, sermons, paragraphs throughout our lives.
This theme changes; it ebbs and flows and moves throughout all the different times and seasons as we wake day after day. Each day bringing another opportunity for the Lord to speak.

The theme in my life lately has been JOY in the midst of suffering…in the midst of brokenness…in the midst of sorrow. It’s a scary and troublesome thing to my sinful heart to read and hear over and again about brokenness. To read about sorrow and then realize that the Lord is preparing my heart for something. He is opening me up to the opportunity for Him to show Himself. An opportunity to see Him, to see nothing but Him,
but with the knowledge that seeing Him might come with pain.

I have the opportunity to hide, to be fearful, to grasp onto the anxiety of what this recurring theme might mean. To imagine all the what ifs?
Or I can use this opportunity to cling more to Him.
To be closer to Him
and to rest.


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  1. I find it such a challenge to choose to be joyful and not fearful. This has been much of my story for the last two years; it is hard to make that choice- really hard. Applauding you as you do it.

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