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On Fridays I recap some fantastic finds from around the world wide web.

Happy Weekend!

great FABRIC: I came across this fun online fabric shop a while back and I’ve had so much fun gawking at all the awesomeness!

to whet your APPETITE: I made this simple mexican recipe for dinner last night and every time I make it I wonder why we don’t eat it more often…chips, meat and cheese with your own personal toppings. Who could want more?

be NATURAL and NEAT (as in organized): I love this shelf made from a quilt hoop! This blogger made it to show off Pez dispensers, but I’m wondering if I could make it work to show of all the tiny lego creations my son makes or all the tiny things my daughter tends to collect?

a TUTORIAL to do: if my daughter would actually wear shorts, I would make these ruffle shorts from fat quarters for her in a heartbeat!

AWESOME embroidery: this is a lovely embroidery pattern for pillowcases. So beautiful!

something to SEW: This little popover sundress for your American Girl doll is super awesome!

to TRIM my house with: It’s a house painting blitz weekend for my husband. Here is glimpse at a before picture of our house and here are our paint colors: the main part of the house will be smoky mountain, we are painting the brick, the porch & steps shaker beige and all the windows will be trimmed out with a 3-4″ wide frame that will be bone white (sort of an eggshell color). It’s a scary thing to buy a bunch of paint and actually start painting. We ended up hiring someone to help us pick out colors. At least if it ends up looking horrible, we can blame her (just kidding).

INSPIRATIONAL: love the idea of a warm fuzzies jar. Every time someone does something or says something loving and kind, they get to add a warm fuzzy to the jar.

CUTE: love these little fishing cupcakes!

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