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On Fridays I take 5 minutes to just write.
No worries.
No edits.
One word.
Join me!

Today’s word is: IDENTITY


I totally had to laugh when I saw today’s word. Identity.
If there was one word that the Lord has worked with on me for the past 5 years it has been identity.
He has stripped, layer by layer, away at what I thought was my identity and continues to peel away more and more.
Sometimes this stripping of layers has been freeing and wonderful, kind of like when you are peeling from a sunburn and you just.can’t.stop.peeling even though it’s kind of gross what you are doing when you think about it.

Other times this peeling away hurts. It is deep, like a burn. Where the layers of skin have been hurt and damaged and new skin has to grow there. That is what He does. He takes away those layers that shouldn’t be there, those parts of my identity that are false and He grows a new one.

He layers Himself into me. That as less and less of myself and who I thought I was and needed to be are stripped away, I am left with His layers.


2 thoughts on “fmf {identity}

  1. Your story really resonated with me, particularly the imagery of stripping away (ouch). I’m here from 5 Minute Fridays, and enjoyed the read.
    Peace and good to you on your journey.

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