thursday threads {05.10.12}

Covered in Stitches Entry: SNEAK PEEK

I always seem to be like a month behind every holiday that comes through. I come up with these awesome ideas and think, wow that would be great for Mother’s Day and then bam! it’s like a week before Mother’s Day when I actually complete the idea!


I’ve stitched these chickadees before on bookmarks and some pendants, but I’ve been wanting to do a portrait version of them too. Finally I got my act together and stitched one up for a friend and her sisters and then did one for my mom of my brother and I.


These girls are a blast to stitch and every time I sew them, they come out just a little bit different.


But I was missing a male. This time around I altered the pattern a little bit and voila! a male dude to go with the chicks. All of these are finished and set in a 4, 5 or 6 inch hoop and you can create your own set of chickadees & the dude on etsy.

These make a perfect gift for a mother, grandmother, sister, friend or anyone! These can easily be customized! Design a portrait of your sorority sisters, design a portrait of your siblings for your mom, design a portrait of your children for yourself! The possibilities are endless!

Coming soon…a wedding portrait version.

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