martha of the month {april}


Whew, this one came down to the wire. April has hit me like a tornado and spun out just about as quick. It’s crazy to think that May is tomorrow. Thankfully, I’ve had my May Martha planned for a few weeks. Just have to get it done!

This month’s project is a big project that I”m starting this month and will hopefully finish up with the June project. I wanted to make school memory books for my children. I didn’t want to buy one of those premade little kits or even just a premade book. I wanted something simple, but would hold enough of their memories from school all in one place.

Martha: April edition

The idea for these pages comes from Martha’s Encyclopedia of Craft. The directions for this project were a little difficult when it came to procuring supplies. Instead of buying primary writing paper or graph paper, I opted to just print some off the internet. Thank you google. I couldn’t find any scrapbook pages that would fit into an 8.5×11 binder, so I ended up buying pieces of tagboard that I cut down to size.


Her page suggestions:

martha: April

You also need some ink and stamps (if you want to go that route).


My finished pages:

martha: april


I ended up folding the paper as suggested to make one pocket for memories and used the sewing machine to attach the paper to the tagboard. I stamped the grade and years in the right corner, but after trying to stuff a few examples of work in them, realized it would have made more sense to stamp it in the bottom right corner instead. You live and learn!


martha: april

Their class photo is on the backside with some cute scrapbook paper on it. (Just opting not to share their class photo with the world for privacy sake).

June’s project will be a continuation of this. I am hoping to take a one inch binder and make a felt cover for it to put all the school pages in.


The other fun thing we are starting this year is something I totally stole from Pinterest. I saw this great idea where you buy Dr. Suess’ book, Oh the Places You Go, and every year have each teacher secretly write a special note for them. This becomes a gift for them when they graduate from high school.

martha: April

I printed out a fun picture for both of them from their first year in school (Rooster in kindergarten and Chick in Preschool) and then typed out a special verse for them (a section of Deuteronomy 8). After a little bit of digging in the scrapbook paper drawer I “framed” the pictures and stuck them down with a little contact paper.

martha: April

If your kids aren’t just starting out this year, I wouldn’t fret! My rooster is finishing up second grade this year and I’m excited to start this tradition even late! I’m having the Rooster’s first grade teacher sign for last year, but I’m not going to worry about tracking down his kindergarten teacher (we were at a different school).

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