fmf {goodbye}

Five minutes.
One word.
No worries or edits or concerns.
Writing only what comes to mind and writing for the sake of writing.
Join in!

Today’s word is {goodbye}

Here goes:

Goodbye is letting go.
It’s letting go of worries or stress or concerns.
It’s me saying that I trust.
That I trust when I say goodbye to a friend we might meet again.
When I say goodbye to my children in the morning, that I’ll see them later.
When I kiss my husband goodbye in the morning, I’m sending him off knowing that we will be together later.

But sometimes goodbye is it.
It’s saying goodbye to the way things were.
Without regret.
Without worry.
Without wondering if we did the right thing.
It’s moving on and knowing that we are held by the One whose goodbye was really only saying “see you in a little while”

It’s letting go of the past.
Letting go of who we used to be and moving.
You can stand only for so long on the edge of a dock and watch the boat slip away before you can’t see it anymore and you have to move on. You can stand there and keep trying to see it. You can stand there and just be there.
But nothing will happen. It won’t make that ship come back quicker…or at all. I won’t make anything easier. You will just be there.
You have to move.

That’s it.

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