Easter dress 2012 & pattern review

easter dress 2012


This year’s Easter dress is the Lily Top pattern by Pink Fig and the fabric is Riley Blake’s Go Fly a Kite line. I absolutely love this fabric. It sews well, irons well and just feels nice.



easter dress 2012


The pattern on the other hand was probably one of the most disappointing patterns I’ve sewn from in a long time. I’m no stranger now to “boutique” patterns (aka, not the run of the mill Simplicity etc) and this one was really disheartening.




The cover (and cost mind you) made me think that it would be much in the same vein as a Portobellopixie pattern that I sewed from in the past. Not so. Upon opening the pattern and looking at the directions, I noticed that they are merely black and white photocopies of photos. I actually even emailed the person I bought the pattern from because I thought there had been a mistake! You can hardly see what it is that you are supposed to see because the photos are so dark. I kept thinking, if I were new to sewing I would be so depressed and lost. Even the directions were lacking in description.


easter dress 2012


This was my first time using elastic thread and it went pretty well after I got the hang of it. I’m not sure I’m as enamored with it as many people are, but maybe it’s just because I’m not used to using it. I do love how the neckline and arms turned out with the rolled serged edging. I think the next time I make this dress I’ll leave out the shirring in the waist. It drives my girl nuts and with the little tie you really almost don’t need it. Without the shirring in the waist it merely looks like an A-line dress, which is fine with me!


easter bow 2012

I topped it off with a matching bow, making me think, “why don’t I make more of these?!?” It was super easy and quick and really made it all come together.


Overall, I do love the look of this dress and I’ll certainly sew more of them, but if you are new to sewing I wouldn’t recommend this pattern just due to the cruddy directions.

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