five minute friday

fmf: light

April 6, 2012

It is Friday.
But not just any Friday.
It is Good Friday.
Two words that don’t really make sense with what happened today.
So today, this Friday, five minutes on the word “light”


Today is a day shrouded in darkness.
I wake up this morning to a son who is shrouded in darkness.
A discontent, argumentative spirit.
How do I respond on this dark day? With the power of the Light to come or with my own darkness within me?
Do I let that sin, that sin that held Him there this day…
that sin that is wrecking havoc with my son
overwhelm me?
Or do I respond in Light.
Do I respond with the reminder of the Light that has come to save him?

Do I remind myself, and him, of the Gospel that came
that died
that hung Himself up
even though he could have easily transported Himself elsewhere.

And when I do respond in the Light
and my son doesn’t.
When my sweet, growing son decides to hang onto that anger,
do I cover myself in darkness…the darkness of my failure?
Or do I open myself up into His Light
knowing that He holds each of us with as much love
as held Him on that cross?


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