fantastic friday {04.06.2012}

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Welcome to another edition of fantastic fridays. On Fridays I recap some fantastic finds from around the world wide web.

Happy Weekend!

great FABRIC: Denyse Schmidt has a new line of fabric coming out. It’s awesome. I love it. I want it.

to whet your APPETITE: I used to make Hot Cross buns every Easter weekend. We’ll see if it happens this Easter or not. It’s a great tradition for sure.

be NATURAL and NEAT (as in organized): It’s kind of a really good thing that I don’t live close to an Ikea. Keeping our budget would be that much harder. But this cart is awesome! It would be the perfect thing to have down in the sewing studio to roll around and store all my constant supplies in.

a TUTORIAL to do: Wallpaper on the stair treads. I’m totally doing this and here is a tutorial on how to do it.

on AIMEE’s to do list (that’s me by the way): I am embracing the felt. 105 cape sets to get out the door next week. Wow.

something to SEW: I love this traveling terrycloth toothbrush & paste holder. I need to make some of these asap!

to TRIM my house with: This isn’t the year for us creating our raised bed gardens, but next year it’s got to happen and I would love to add an obelisk like this to one of the beds.

INSPIRATIONAL: Today is Good Friday. It’s a dark day in the story of Easter, but without Good Friday there would be no cause for the Light of Easter on Sunday. Christ has died, but He won’t stay dead. He has risen and it was for me and for you. Our old church recorded an album to foster walking through Holy Week and it is awesome. Download and listen to it this weekend.

CUTE: I came across this etsy shop this past week and she has the cutest onesie designs.

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