I’ve been trying out some new ideas (thank you Pinterest) for packaging some of my items; namely the embroidered charms and my embroidery kits.

I still have some kinks to work out with the charm’s packaging, but here is my first attempt:


I used a piece of brown card stock and an envelope template I found via google. Using a fantastic little edge punch by Martha Stewart crafts, I trimmed another piece of card stock for the inside piece. The issue really lies in where to put the chain. I’ve got to work a little on it yet.

I used some bakers twine to tie up the outside.

daisyeyes jewelry packaging

I do love the overall look though. Any thoughts on what to do with the chain?


The next project was how to repackage my embroidery kits. I went off of a pictures I had pinned a while back and especially loved the look of the sewn up brown bag. Using that idea I sewed some craft paper together to make an envelope for the pattern and the actual embroidery.


I found these nifty little elastic tags (thank you again Martha) from Staples and used those to keep the floss together and also write the name of the floss color just in case the tags were to come off in route. I found these tiny little bags to put the needles in at Hobby Lobby and sealed it all off with a cute little wooden clothespin, instead of a paperclip, to keep the pattern together.


I slipped everything down into the bag and added the 10″ wooden hoop.

I’m honestly pretty darn pleased with how it turned out.

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  1. Wow the second one for the kits look great but cant you make the bag bigger so that the hoop also fits in or is that something optional?

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