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today’s word is: LOUD



My first thought when I read today’s word was all the birds outside my house. Dang they are loud this morning! Maybe the sense the coming rain and thunder? I don’t know, but it was amazing to me how just a few birds can create such a beautiful (and yet sometimes I have to admit, annoying, song).

My second thought was to the passage in John 16 that I read yesterday. The disciples have had the Last Supper with Jesus and have all headed up to the garden to retreat. The disciples are sitting around and this following is the picture in my head when I read this passage starting in verse 16:

Jesus has shared with them over and over again that he is leaving, but will come back. They don’t get it. So now they are sitting huddled together and whispering to each other…”what in the world is He talking about?”. They don’t think they are being loud at all. They think they are being sneaky and talking quietly behind His back. But to Jesus, who knows what they were going to whisper even before they did, these 11 are loud and clear. Jesus goes up to them and “he knows that they wanted to ask Him what was going on.” He knew.

So many times I think I am moving and whispering behind God’s back. That my choices and decisions are quiet enough for Him not to hear. But those thoughts…my good dreams and my sins…are loud and clear.

And honestly, that’s a good thing.


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