an embroidery design: from start to finish (almost!)

I’ve never really shared my process for coming up with a custom embroidery design. I’ve gotten a handful of requests via etsy and thought now was the time to share what really goes into a daisyeyes embroidery.

First, the design.

Steps of an Embroidery Design #1

I am a novice graphic designer and honestly just work in Mac’s Pages. It does what I need it to and that’s really all that matters. In the case of this embroidery, I designed it onto an 8×10 and had my husband enlarge a pdf of the design at work.

Second, the applique letters.

Steps of an Embroidery #2

No fancy cutting machines in this house. Just my handy-dandy pencil and tiny scissors powered by yours truly. Always remember to trace your applique letters backwards. Not that I know this from personal experience (haha).

Third, time to trace.

Steps to an embroidery design #3

I think this design took around 30 minutes total to trace. Not too bad. Although it would have gone quicker, except I was tracing onto linen which is a pain in the hiney. I prefer to use a fine point water soluble pen. I’ve tried a bunch of different pens and other methods of transfer and this is really my favorite.

Fourth, time to finish the applique.

Steps of an embroidery design #4

and again cut out by hand by yours truly. It’s really best to do the final cutting of the letters after you have ironed them on. It’s just much simpler and gives you a better looking applique in the end.

Fifth, carefully lay out the applique, iron and get ready to stitch!

Steps to an embroidery design #5

And there you have it. It’s truly handmade from beginning to end!

I can’t wait to show the final result!! (in a few weeks!)

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