fantastic friday {03.09.2012}

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Welcome to another edition of fantastic fridays. On Fridays I recap some fantastic finds from around the world wide web.

Happy Weekend!

great FABRIC: In my “former” life I was a deaf educator and graduated from college with a degree in deaf education. When I saw this fabric of alphabet in sign language on true up this week, I fell in love with it. What cracked me up the most was the comment from the designer that she had to be careful of the letter placement to make sure she didn’t spell anything naughty ๐Ÿ™‚

to whet your APPETITE: my daughter has a great weakness for fruit snacks and while we limit her to one pack per day, I’m really trying to figure out how to wean her off of them. I’m hoping to go crazy strict on no food coloring this summer (to do an experiment on behavior and tantrums) so I’ve been pinning homemade fruit leather recipes like crazy. Here is one I found that looks promising.

be NATURAL and NEAT (as in organized): I love this jewelry organizer made from a hanging spice rack.

a TUTORIAL to do: I have a purple sweater in my closet that would be the perfect sweater to transform into this DIY cardigan tutorial

on AIMEEโ€™s to do list (thatโ€™s me by the way): can anyone say ottoman?

something to SEW: Finally bought a pattern for the chick’s easter dress. I’m trying my hand at this Pink Fig pattern.

oh, to TRAVEL: I pinned this idea a while back. It’s a visual that teaches your children where they live (my continent, country, state etc).

INSPIRATIONAL: During this season of Lent, I’m reading through this Puritan book of prayers. It paints the most lovely word pictures.

CUTE: this little Lucy owl on etsy is super adorable

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  1. Daisy, I took sign language as my foreign language in college! I even wrote my senior thesis on hand gestures as clues to learning. Cuh-razy! You are REAL smart to have that as your second language as well as be able to TEACH it and COMPREHEND it.


    That’s you.

    .mac ๐Ÿ™‚

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