FMF {ache}

On Friday’s I join with many others as we write for five minutes uninhibited on one word given to us by the gypsy mama. We write with freedom, without editing or worry of what others might think. Join in!

Today’s word is: ache


I don’t like this ache I feel. As Spring approaches and amazing days are sandwiched in between stormy days I feel the train of anxiety creeping back in. I sat on the couch last night feeling that ache and being nearly at tears…not because of fear, but because of what it meant. That ache meant that I was clinging harder to my fears, trusting more in the unknown and in my imagination than in the truth. That ache signified a thing that I thought I would never feel again. Oh how easily we let the Accuser creep (or pummel) back in!

I wake this morning with the ache still there. But instead of trying to sleep it off, I write these words in a place to carry with me…

let no sin get dominion over me (ps 119)
surely in the rush of great waters, they shall not reach ‘me’, you are a hiding place for me (ps 32)
You have redeemed me O Lord, faithful God (Ps 31)
You keep ‘me’ in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You because ‘I’ trust you (Isaiah 26)

and as I repeat these words, the ache recedes and the rush of waters begins to dissappear. I hide myself in His truths knowing that He is covering me. I fill my mind more with His words instead of filling them the “what ifs”


4 thoughts on “FMF {ache}

  1. I heard the what if’s called future tripping…and God used this to speak to my heart…He is always present…always with us…He never leaves for forsakes…He never leaves…but I leave him,when I go future tripping…His grace is sufficient …but when we go out to the future…we leave that grace…I felt like He told me…”you can go there…but you go alone…stay right here and receive the grace for now….there is not grace for things we imagine…and satan knows this…and this is where he wears us down…and fear becomes the rule of the moment.
    I pray you will find rest and peace in the right now…leaving the future in His Loving hands…and as you grow in trusting His love for you…greater you rest will be…
    blessings to you as you live in your present moments…

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