monday basket

The last 2 weeks have just been a blur and I know I totally baled on my Monday Basket last week. I never would have gotten anything done that I put in it anyhow! This week is going to be different though!


So, here is what you can hopefully look forward to seeing this week!
1. Seeing as the last day of February is this week, I have to get busy on my Martha of the Month. I’m working on transforming a men’s dress shirt into a dress for my chick. Piecing the pattern together is seeming a bit more daunting than actually making the dress!
2. I’ve got 3 birthday gifts to get finished this week: I’m making a couple of these little house bags. One I am leaving as per the pattern and the other one I’m going to change up the dimensions to make it into a bag to hold a Kindle Fire. Then I’m hoping to make a little play skirt for a friend and matching dress for her new AG doll.
3. Last, the den is coming along and one thing I would love to do this week is get my photo wall up. I’ve pinned a bunch of different ideas and I’m hoping to pull some things from around the house to get it all together.

What’s in your basket this week?

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