growing seeds of kindness

For Lent this year our goal as a family is to be more intentional in our actions towards each other. I saw an idea for something like this on A Holy Experience (Ann Voskamp’s blog). Her family practiced this idea during advent. I stored it away as something for us to do as we prepare for Easter.


seeds of kindness


The idea is that every time we do something kind for one another, every time we put others first, we get to plant a wheat seed. The hope is that by Easter, this pot will be overflowing with wheat grass.



My sweet children have already bought into this idea and I’ve loved all the conversations we’ve had about it. Yesterday my son remarked: “wouldn’t it be awesome if this whole little jar of wheat berries was gone by Easter?” and today my daughter asked: “can I give you a hug for a wheat seed?”

Here’s hoping the momentum continues for the next 38 days.

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