fmf: grit is cleansing

On Fridays I join with many others, writing on a word given to us by the gypsy mama. We write with freedom on one word for five minutes. No editing, no backtracking, no thinking about what others might think…just writing.Join us!

Today’s word is: GRIT


When I was a little girl, I remember falling down and busting up my knees all the time. Funny that the Lord has given me a daughter just like that. Every time I pick her up and put her on the bathroom counter to clean up her scuffed up knees, I remember my mom doing the same thing to me. As I clean out all the dirt, tiny pebbles, the grit that is all stuck in her wound I remember how much it hurt. In some ways the anticipation of that cleaning after I fell was worse than the actually cleansing.

Cleaning those wounds, cleaning out that grit, is a picture of my life right now. This week as we begin the season of Lent, of confession, the Lord prompts me to begin the process of cleaning out the grit in a friendship. My sweet friend and I have fallen and we have busted up our knees. There is a bunch of grit in there and through our confession, apologies and forgiveness it’s painful. It’s humbling. But it’s the only way that we can move on and heal. Like I have to gently dab at the wounds on my daughter’s knees, we are dabbing at the wounds we have caused each other.

But that grit is good. It’s moving us to a new place. It’s causing us to be real. We could try to ignore all the grit in our wounds, but over time it would become more infected and our friendship would suffer.

How thankful I am for a friend who is willing to dab my knees…as I am hers.


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  1. Listen in the world of women.. when you come and you say I am sorry…it goes so far.
    You are a strong woman… you deserve strong friendships.
    the fact you are willing to realize your friendship is off track is huge..
    you are so ahead of the game.

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