trying to be free

When I was a little girl, I remember sitting with my dad in our garage while storms passed over our house. We would sit as close to the opening as possible and just watch the rain and wind. I don’t remember being worried or fearful. Just amazed at it all and I guess in many ways I felt protected because I was sitting with my dad.

I can’t remember the day that storms became a threatening sort of thing to me and not a thing of wonder, but they have. As I was sitting on my back porch this afternoon, feeling the winds pick up and knowing the potential forecast for tonight I was sad. Sad that I’ve let something that shows the awesome power of God become something that causes amazing fear and anxiety in me. Sad that the little girl that used to sit in awe and wonder…in peace…has been buried.

I know that little girl is still there. And instead of my earthly father sitting with me during these Spring storms, I have my heavenly Father; the Author of these storms sitting with me.

Today is one of the first nights we will go to bed this season with the threat of storms coming. But today is the first day that I am not going to let the Accuser jump on me. I’m not going to let him grab hold and convince me that I’m not safe.

Today is the first day that I am going to be free…
free to hear the wind blow
watch the lightening flash
hear the thunder roll
and feel the hand of my God holding me tight.

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  1. “Sad that the little girl that used to sit in awe and wonder…in peace…has been buried.” It’s so true…. Something happens as we get older and we lose that ability to just rest easily. Your words here are beautiful!

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