between the rains

Right now, I’m between the rains. I’m coming away from an amazing season of growth and washing of the Spirit on my life. I’m coming away from a season where it was like everything that I touched, read, heard was the Lord speaking right to my heart.¬† It almost seems good and right that I would start this season of Lent feeling dry and parched. Feeling stretched. Feeling alone.

seeds of kindness (lent 2012)

Like this bowl on our table that is empty.
In time, we are going to fill this bowl with dirt and then hopefully overcrowd it with seeds of love and kindness. And we will water it and hopefully watch it grow. But all the growing takes place under the ground. And while we may not see it, we have hope that something amazing is going to sprout out of it.

So my season of Lent, is going to be a place where I am celebrating this place I am at…in between the rains. Celebrating the fact that it is only during these times of hardness that growth actually happens. And like Elijah, I am going to have the faith to know that if the sun rises, the rains will come. It will rain again and rain like nothing before. I just have to keep growing and looking.

I can see the fist size cloud coming towards me right now.

* the title of this post (and the idea) is completely stolen from Beth Moore and week 7 session from the James Bible Study*

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  1. I too am overwhelmed with what the study has taught me. “Between the rains” I grew up rural and realize what the farmers meant when they had “faith in God” that He would send the rains and their harvest would be abundant. Spiritually speaking, there have been times in my life when my heart was hardened because I was away from God on dry, hard ground. Through conviction of the Holy Spirit I prayed for revival rains to fall on me and that my spirit would feel a refreshing of submissiveness and obedience to God. I have just finished reading some harsh things about Beth as a teacher, however, I have learned so much through her teachings. Listening to her life story makes me aware that we all have stories and we all have the same God who will call us back to Him. Seeing the desire she has for the Holy Spirit makes me want and pray to God that I might feel His presence, push into Him, and to help my heart always be plowed soft soil in the spirit so that the seeds of God’s love and grace may grow into a closer walk with HIm. Faye

    1. thanks for that. love that last line especially.
      she talked in that episode too about how we as a body so eagerly attack one another and how that is so what the Devil longs for us to do…to be a house divided.
      she is a woman after God’s own heart…that I know is true.

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