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fmf: delight

February 17, 2012

On Fridays I join with others around the globe to write with freedom and abandon on a word given to us by the gypsy mama. We write without editing for five minutes; writing without worry and writing for no one but ourselves. Join in!

Today’s word is: DELIGHT


Delight. When I think of this word I think of lightness of heart. I think of knowing that my life is in the hands of the Father and so I can walk through life with delight. Not an ignorance of the world around me, but a knowledge that He is holding the plans. I can walk in risk, because He knows no risk. He has my path forward and backward…even knowing the mistakes I will make.

Delight is seeing the joy in my children’s faces when I show up at school. To be with them in “their” world. To take part in something with them. How often I step back and don’t step in. The delight is so much greater when I step forward.

Delight is moving into a new phase; a new chapter in our family life. Knowing that it has been hard. We’ve had to walk away from things that were familiar and we are walking into places that aren’t. But the delight has come in the freedom and knowledge that we are doing what He has called us to. We are walking that yellow brick road and skipping along…without fear of the forest or the flying monkeys that might attack us. We know where we are headed and that is all that matters. We’ve said goodbye to some friends and acquaintances, but hopefully we’ll make some new friends along the path. They might not look like us, they might not seem friendly at first, but they will have a heart and courage and brains like we’ve never known.

That is delight.

Walking in His ways and His paths with the full freedom that He is holding us through.

No matter what.


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