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On Fridays around here I share some fantastic finds from around the web and from my “pins”!

Happy Weekend!

great Fabric: I’ve got a loooooooong list of fabric I want to buy from this shop; this is on the top of my list right now.

to whet your Appetite: I’m always in the market for a new pizza dough, if I can find the flour today at the store, I’m going to try my hand at this recipe for dough made with semolina flour.

be Natural and Neat (as in organized):  I hate having little boxes of matches scattered all over the kitchen (and then finding only one lone match in the box that breaks as soon as you swipe it!) so I thought this little jar was very clever!

a Tutorial to do: I’ve got at least 4 little girl’s birthdays in the next month, so I’m thinking of remaking some of these for these girls. One of them I’m hoping to lengthen in order to fit a kindle inside…

on Aimee’s to do list (that’s me by the way): the painting of the family room is complete and now I need to rehang the family photo wall. I’m wanting to make something like this to hang in amongst all the frames.

something to Sew: this week I really need to get these ottomans covered. um. yep this is a repeat. haven’t even started!

oh, to Travel: I’ve never loved a tree like I love an Aspen. So beautiful!

Inspirational: Ash Wednesday has crept up on me like never before. We always make an Easter Tomb for the front porch and this year we are also making this for the dining room table…spending our Lent planting seeds of kindness.

Cute: I want this skirt 🙂

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