my monday basket

Life has picked up around here and I am finding myself with less time to sort of “choose” how I spend my mornings and more time being already framed out for me. I’m thankful for the tasks and the to-do list, but often times I find myself in front of the computer rather than ticking those off. Honestly I think it’s a stress response (can anyone say “avoidance”?). So I decided in an effort to add some posting regularity around here and also to keep me accountable I am starting a Monday habit that I’m calling “my monday basket“. These are the top five things I need to accomplish this week and will also serve as a preview to things I hope to share that week also.



So here goes. This is what’s in my Monday basket this week:

1. finish up these valentine’s for my kiddos
2. finish up some “tickets for romance” for the husband
3. start on my Martha of the Month project this week
4. baking, baking, baking (mostly for Valentine’s day)
5. complete my latest cape order of 30 (yes, thirty and oh what a quick business lesson this has been and continues to be!)

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