January stitching

Here are a few glimpses of some projects I’m working on…

An etsy order of this Irish Blessing. This is by far my most popular item on etsy!

jan-feb 2012 on my hoop

a creation of my own, hopefully in the shop in time for valentine’s day or really for any sort of day you want to express your love!

jan-feb 2012 on my hoop

My immediate thought was to do some sort of applique for the “love you” in the background, but I couldn’t get it to lay out right. I ended up deciding to stitch them in white…you’ll have to check back to see how the rest of it turns out!



I’ve also been on the hunt for some sort of bag or something to carry my supplies around with me. I’ve been using a big ziploc bag and bought this red container for my scissors and floss a while back. I still needed something better than a plastic bag for my hoops and embroideries. Wandering around Michael’s Arts and Crafts yesterday I found this envelope in the scrapbooking section. It is absolutely perfect…and the price of $1.59 wasn’t so bad either!

WIP storage



And finally my January Stitch-a-long from Feeling Stitchy. I am challenging myself to do these every month, even if the theme isn’t really my favorite. This was one of those. But I am SO GLAD I did! I absolutely love how this turned out! The stitch is called couching and you basically take yarn or any other thick thread and stitch it down in any sort of design your heart desires. This was really easy to do and I love the folk-artsy, kind of Anthropologie looking style of it!


I’ve been wanting to try other methods of “framing” my embroideries and this time around I bought an empty frame and then stapled the embroidery to the back of it. It makes me so happy every time I walk past it!

family plaque (stitchalong 1-12)


Here’s the whole wall in action:

stitch along's new home (jan'12)

I’m thinking of offering these in the shop…what do you think? Is this something you would want in your home?

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