A few years ago I was a special education teacher. In the system that I worked in special education teachers had the option to receive a bonus because they were in a hard to fill position. The catch was you had to agree to stay in that system for three years. If you left before that three years was up, you had to repay the bonus. My husband and I went back and forth over should we take it or not? Passing up that amount of money when we thought we didn’t know what our plans were for me working for the next three years was really hard to do. Although, I can tell you now that I think we did know that I wouldn’t keep working full time. We were looking for just the security in our bank account.

The day came for me to go pick up the bonus and sign the paperwork. It was a horrible day. I had sick children. I was feeling sick. I ended up leaving work early. I had to get my parents to help me with picking up one of my children and then figuring out how and what to do with the other one. Basically I remember nothing but roadblock after roadblock. As I was driving to a not convenient location for this meeting, I kept hitting traffic and it took me forever. But it wasn’t until I sat in that room, signed the paperwork and then sat in my car and opened the check did I really stop and realize how strongly the hand of God had been pressing down. All I can tell you is that the check was taxed at the absolute highest point legally possible and that I knew we would end up having to pay back more than the actual check if I didn’t continue teaching. It was devastating, but a good lesson in heeding the pressure of God.

Fast forward to this past weekend. My husband and I had planned a day trip to Georgia. My daughter was sick most of last week and we kept going back and forth about going. Friday, we were still up in the air and she was still not at all well. We ended up cancelling our babysitter and then were trying to figure out how to make it work with my parents and their already overbooked Saturday. Roadblocks. Finally at 3am, after my sweet girl had gotten sick again, we realized that we couldn’t go. And boy weren’t we glad on Saturday when she continued to be sick almost all day!

What a difference it is to heed the Holy Spirit. When we move against Him, we move against the blessings of Him. He has promised good and perfect gifts to us, when we trust Him and have faith in Him (not us!) He might ask us to do things that seem difficult, don’t make sense, make us upset to miss something or sacrifice what we think is going to bring us security…but He does and asks all things for our good.

He is making us perfect.

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